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Presentations by David & Stan at ADEX Launch of Celebrate the Sea book at ADEX Celebrate the Sea Photo gallery at ADEX Award Ceremony & Charity Dinner at Raffles Marine 21 April 2002

An evening with David & Stan in Perth, Western Australia Outback Coast Sea Life Festival 28 April to 5 May 2002, Exmouth WA.

For more information on how to participate at ADEX 2002, please contact Ms. Michelle Tay at tel: +65 332 9629, fax: +65 332 9655/ 3374633 ([email protected] ) or Ms. Pannida, at RAI Exhibitions (Thailand) Co., Ltd., tel: +66(2) 960-0141 ext 114, fax: +66(2) 960-0140 or email to [email protected].

Asian Geographic Magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia magazine & OceanNEnvironment proudly present 'Celebrate the Sea' staged in conjunction with ADEX 18 - 21 April, 2002 in Singapore and the Outback Coast Sea Life Festival 28 April to 5 May 2002 in Exmouth Western Australia.

'Celebrate the Sea' comprises lectures, underwater video competition, underwater photographic competition and a dinner award ceremony to support OceanNEnvironment's Save Our Seas Fund. Adding to the excitement of this event, we are pleased to present David Doubilet and Stan Waterman, two of the world's most celebrated personalities. David has authored and photographed over 50 articles for National Geographic,

BG Wildlife entries

Photographers have until 2 April 2002 to submit their entries. Forms are available in the January issue of BBC Wildlife magazine or from the web site

New products

Tetra Pivot

Ultralight Control Systems, inventor of the original pivot for the Nikonos and housed cameras, has come out with a new pivot for the Tetra Digital housing. The pivot enables you to go from a horizontal format to vertical format with a push of the lever in less time than it takes your strobes to recycle. Vertical photogrpahs are now as easy to take as standard horizontal ones. This is especially helpful when using two strobes.

The Tetra pivot is manufactured with a handle for ease

Light & Motion Olympus E-10/20n housing

Light & Motion continues to move forward in Underwater Digital Photography with the introduction of the "Titan".

The Titan is a "professional" housing that ushers in a new class of underwater digital photography.

The Titan housing provides full camera control in a user friendly layout. Housing provides access to both the optical viewfinder as well as the 1.8" LCD screen for instant feedback and accurate subject composition. Viewable data screen provides the user with all camera information. Flat port is standard and optional lenses can be changed underwater, so you will never have the right subject and the wrong lens again.

Titan is designed for the

Olympus E-20n and E-10n SLR Digital Cameras. The Olympus E-20 is a 5 megapixel SLR that includes a 35-140mm lens, 4x optical zoom and high speed auto focus. The E-20 supports both Smart Media and Compact Flash which provide massive storage capabilities that enable the user to save hundreds of high resolution images.

For further details go to

in holding the pivot and housing. Ultralight's base adapters will need to be added and then you can use Ultralight Control System's arms.

Suggested retail price is US $174.95.

The tetra housing is made by Light and Motion Industries for the Olympus 2000, 3000, or 4000 series digital cameras.

Visit Ultralights web page at:

for a dealer near you or call (805)984-9104

Coming soon!

The Aquatica 995 allows you to control all functions of the Nikon Coolpix 995 Digital camera. The A995's ergonomic design positions the viewfinder at a 45 degree angle, allowing for perfect handling. The wide angle lens on this versatile housing can be removed underwater to adapt to any situation. The housing comes with a standard TTL bulkhead.

Like all Aquatica housings,

the A995 is made of aluminum and all controls are double o ring sealed.

For further details visit

Sea & Sea NX-80 Housing

Engineered exclusively to support the capabilities of Nikon's critically acclaimed new N(F)80D and N(F)80S SLR AF cameras, the NX-80 housing bridges the gap between amateur and pro systems.

It provides fast and accurate Dynamic Autofocus, 10-segment 3D Matrix metering, five separate AF detection sensors, focus tracking, focus and exposure lock, 2.5 fps continuous shooting, and the new "On-demand Composition Assist Focusing Screen."

Keeping pace with Nikon s advances in imaging technology and ever sensitive to diver preferences, Sea & Sea has crafted the ultra-compact, rugged and handsome NX-80 housing. The NX-80 features an efficient configuration of' user-friendly controls for precision execution of the camera's manual and automatic functions. Its ergonomics are

complemented by Sea & Sea's unique one-touch self-locking button system, adjustable hand grips, and oversized, easy-access shutter release and autofocus lever. It features an external focus mode selector that enables autofocus and manual focus selection underwater, incorporates an MSC switch, built-in circuitry for a shutter-activated focus light, and a safeguard leak detector. The finder delivers a bright and contrasty high-eyepoint image, the illuminated LCD data panel provides clear and legible readouts.

The NX-80 incorporates Sea & Sea's exclusive Quick Shoe for single-step, tool-free camerato-housing assembly. An integrated system of bayonet mount flat and dome ports accommodate acomprehensive selection of Nikon and Sigma lenses, all with exclusive companion gears. The system is TTL compatible with Sea & Sea's celebrated lineup of strobes.

For more detail visit

Ring of Bright Water

Inon's Quad Flash is one of the most innovative tools ever made available to underwater photographers. The four reflectors provide shadowless lighting with an ethereal quality all of it's own. The compact size is less intrusive than conventional strobes and makes animals much more approachable.

The Quad is packed with useful features such as an automatically activated modeling light to assist autofocusing and Nikon compatible TTL. To get creative there are three manual powers and a built in shade lets you block off two of the reflectors.

Available with ports to suit both Subal and Sea and Sea SLR housings. Quad from £995.00. Ports from £299.00. For a full review by award winning photographer, author and underwater photography coach Mark Webster see UwP Issue 2 at

Ocean Optics

13 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5AQ

Tel 020 7930 8408 Fax 020 7839 6148

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Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

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