Photographer's. His work experience - Subal housings in tow - was on board the Liveaboard Coral Queen observing early filming of "Blue Planet". At Optics expense.

AJ Pugsley is the guy you'll meet most Saturdays or when Andrew or Steve's away shooting. AJ was first in the water with the superb Nikon F100 Subal housing and Subtronic Alpha Pro flashgun. He was photographing Raggie Tooth sharks on Aliwal shoal, South Africa. And again, Optics was paying. AJ's first shots were published and he's since gone on to win the first European Our World Underwater Photography Scholarship at Antibes. With a portrait of a Great White shot on nothing more than a Bonica point and shoot camera.

Why do we do this?

Because at Ocean Optics we believe you should talk to an accomplished underwater photographer with a portfolio. Not an accomplished salesman with a brochure.

Ocean Optics.

It's a Different Philosophy.

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