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No matter where in the world the staff of Sport Diver travels, it seems that we always get some variant of The Burning Question: "What's the best place in the world to dive?" or "Where's your favorite spot?"

I usually answer, "Right here." It's generally true that the place I happen to be diving at any given time is my favorite at that moment; like many divers, I'm a carpe-diem sort of person. And that response has the additional merit of honoring the number-two rule of scuba diving: Stay on good terms with the local divemasters.

But the truth of the matter is that when most divers think back on their great scuba moments, it's not a single destination. It's a global panorama. It's storyboards and Blue Corner in Palau, spotlighted mantas in Hawaii, watching a craftsman make you a hammock in Cozumel, coming face-to-face with a manatee in Florida, getting Blue Hole vertigo in Belize, jumping off the bar-boat Willy T in the BVIs in a manner that earns you the free T-shirt ... . The list goes on and on, and the key to a full and happy dive life is making the list go on.

That is what this special World's

Best Diving and Resorts issue of Sport Diver is all about. It's dream fodder, but it's also something else: it connects you with the people, the places, the organizations and the operations that can help you take that next step and make those dreams come true.

We trust that you'll enjoy it. And we hope that it opens the door for you to so many new adventures that when someone asks you The Burning Question, you'll have to laugh, shrug, shake your head and answer, "I really can't decide."

Dive safe and dive happy.

—Tom Morrisey, Executive Editor

WHY WE DIVE A gentle giant of the deep, a manta, passes so g close that he is kissed by our bubbles. The encounter lasts for minutes, § perhaps just seconds. But the memory is something that we will cherish p for the rest of our years. It is why we travel. It is why we dive.

Insights from Our



My first underwater moment was not in the sea but Andover Lake in Kees-ville, New York. I was about 10 and trying to survive summer camp. My counselor gave me a green rubber mask and told me to look under the dock to see a giant spider. The spider crawling up and down the piling became a non-issue as I turned my attention to the pea-green water filled with fuzzy light and small fish staring back at me. Back home on the New Jersey shore, I badgered my parents for a blue squale mask and green fins shaped like lily pads. I spent the rest of that summer in the deep end of the pool and graduated from there to the Atlantic, swimming around with a camera in a bag that made pictures that almost resembled fish.


I got into scuba diving and then photography almost by accident. As a boy I had always been an enthusiastic skier, which was fairly natural for someone who lives in Switzerland. When

I skied at full speed down the slopes, the last thing I had in mind was diving, especially in the middle of winter. In 1978, I went to a summer picnic along one of the many rivers that flow through our valleys, and some of my friends urged me to try diving. They were not expert divers, and their equipment was fairly simple; they had an air tank, flippers, regulator and a short-sleeved wetsuit. I let myself be persuaded and dove into crystal-clear waters that were cold enough to take my breath away. The underwater world fascinated me immediately, and I was caught by a passion for scuba diving.


When I was a small kid, in the early 70s, I used to free dive in the Mediterranean Sea and dreamed about being able to breathe underwater. It took some time for my dream to come true, but it sure did, and I was able to spread my bubbles around the five continents, combining my passion for traveling, diving and photography. Now, many years and thousands of dives later, I try to breathe as little as possible to get closer to my subjects, and I dream about being able to hold my breath underwater for hours at a time.

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Guide To Scuba Diving

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