Destination Primer

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 65-86°F WHAT TO WEAR: 1.5-3mm shorty in summer; 7mm fullsuit in winter. AVERAGE VIZ: 50-150 feet WHEN TO GO: Best viz is in January; best combination of viz and temp is May/June and September/October. WHAT TO EXPECT: Tarpon, turtles, lionfish(!) and wrecks. LANGUAGE: English. TAXES: 7.25% room tax. ELECTRICITY: 110 V, 60 cycles; U.S. appliances work without a hitch here.TIME ZONE: Atlantic Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time plus one hour), Daylight Savings Time observed April-October.

take a two-hour flight from New York and enjoy fish and reef life typically associated with islands in the Caribbean, hundreds of miles to the south. Tarpon, turtles, gigantic Nassau grouper and even migrating whales are among the characters likely to make cameo appearances. Nooks and crannies on some sites, such as the Pelinaion, make them a wonderland of swim-throughs.

Topside, Bermuda is one of the most genteel islands in the world, with a small but vibrant business area in Hamilton, more great restaurants than you can possibly visit in a single trip and enough sights and activities, including the magnificent Royal Navy Dockyard, to keep your non-diving companions smiling.

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