Cayman Islands


Daily homecoming at Sandbar, Grand Cayman. 2. Soaring over Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman. 3. Place footprint here: world-famous Seven-Mile Beach. 4. Hawksbill in a hurry at Sunset Reef.

If you could invent the ideal dive destination, you'd probably create tropical islands far out in the sea with prodigiously deep water nearby for plenty of marine variety. You'd want to make one of those islands a hopping place with nightlife and watering holes where locals and visitors mix elbow-to-elbow. You might also want a couple of islands to be sparsely settled wild places, home to rare birds and reptiles. You'd want great wall diving and great beach dives and, preferably, great wall dives accessible from the beach. You'd want stingrays and eagle rays, plentiful healthy reefs, and turtles on just about every dive. You'd want it to be a place where resorts are built around diving, where everyone understands diving, and

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