Calendar of Events

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - A necklace of lush islands rising from the Technicolor tides of the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands offer some of the most remarkable activities and events for 2007. Recognized as one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world and the undisputed Sailing Capital of the World, the BVIs present 60 islands for exploring their secrets. Coming alive in 2007, the BVIs offer both guests and BVIslanders a multitude of cultural events, spectacular music festivals and exhilarating sporting events.

"2007 is sure to be a year to remember for residents and guests of the British Virgin Islands," says Janis Braithwaite-Edwards, Director of Tourism for the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board. "There are enough engaging events to keep everyone busy year-round and to showcase the wealth of activities our beautiful islands have to offer."

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