Calendar of Events

FEBRUARY 17, 2007

Children's Carnival Parade

Small children up to the age of 12 take to the streets of Willemstad dressed in colorful costumes to have fun and show off in their own full-scale parade.

FEBRUARY 18, 2007

Gran March, or "The Grand Parade"

This is when thousands of participants from many groups show their fantastic costumes and very creative floats as they dance and strut to the music of the "Road March" along a 10-kilometer route. An even larger number of spectators — in the tens of thousands — dance, jump and sing along with exuberant expressions of joy as the parade moves, turns and winds through the streets of the Otrabanda side of the city.

APRIL 30, 2007

Queen's Birthday (Official Holiday)

There are island-wide celebrations with activities all over the island, such as "Seu," the harvest parade in Banda Abou, in the countryside. Local folklore groups don traditional costumes and parade through the streets.

Curaçao Dive Festival

Our dive guests are offered an opportunity to participate in underwater digital photography, fish identification, technical dive presentations, underwater treasure hunts and more. This is all FREE of charge.


Kids Sea Camp

It's held in June and July with something for every member of the family. There's never a better time to help your kids discover the ocean. Kids from 4-14 participate in age-appropriate scuba programs, and get to interact with dolphins and sea lions. In between are beach bonfires, treasure hunts and a fair bit of learning cleverly disguised as fun.

JULY 26, 2007

Curaçao Day

The discovery of Curaçao by Alonzo de Ojeda in 1499 is commemorated with a variety of folkloric activities in the inner city and the countryside.

AUGUST 15 - NOVEMBER 15, 2007

Curaçao Culture, Cuisine &

Heritage Experience

This three-month-long experience starts with homage being paid to our forefathers for having sacrificed their lives so their children could have freedom. It is an opportunity to enrich oneself by learning more about our culture and heritage. There will be opportunities to sample our many restaurants all over the island. Museums, galleries and heritage tours are offered at specially reduced prices.


Coral Spawning

A must-dive in Curaçao, it usually occurs just after the two full moons in September. Around this time divers from all over the world slip into the night-darkened sea and await one of nature's most spectacular sex acts. When the corals actually spawn, the sea fills with millions of orange bundles expelled by the several species of hard coral that call Curaçao's waters home, and the reef fish have a feast of gastronomic proportions.

For more information on the 2007 Calendar of Events, please call the Curaçao Tourism Board toll-free at 1-800-3CURACAO or visit

1. Downtown Willemstad 2. Snorkeling 3. Intimate beaches 4. Shopping and restaurants of all varieties m

1. Downtown Willemstad 2. Snorkeling 3. Intimate beaches 4. Shopping and restaurants of all varieties



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