1. The diversity of sea life under Town Pier. 2. A peppermint goby perched on a coral head.

3. A Bonaire iguana catches some rays.

4. Kralendijk from above.

When Humphrey Bogart said, "Play it again," he was talking about a song. But if he'd been a diver, he probably would have been talking about the South Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Unique and natural, this Netherland Antilles island — just off the coast of Venezuela — is ideally situated for play-it-again diving. In the morning, visitors make two-tank boat dives with any of the 14 PADI dive operators who call Bonaire home. And in the afternoon, many advanced or experienced divers load a cylinder or two into a rental truck or car and visit their favorite site again as a shore dive. Free shore-diving maps and clearly marked dive sites (using bright yellow, numbered road-

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