Bay Islands


1.Roatan is famous the world over for its dolphin dives.

2.Mainland Honduras: a country of waterfalls. 3. Blacktip sharks on a Bay Islands reef. 4. Rainforest adrenaline: the Zipline Canopy Tour.

Mary's Place. Spooky Channel. Roatan. Utila. Gua-naja. If you can sit in a tiki bar for ten minutes and not hear one of those places mentioned, then there probably just aren't any divers around. The Bay Islands of Honduras combine "out-of-the-way" and "accessible" in a wholly spectacular fashion.

This is the place known for gorgonian-flanked underwater canyons, diving with dolphins, and beach-accessible shore dives such as the Prince Albert. It's also the place where beaches look as though Domino Sugar just dumped their whole year's production on the shoreline, where a rainforest can be enjoyed from a whole new perspective — on a zip line — and where the Garifuna people invite you into a

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