Chicago Underwater Welder

Licht Schienensysteme Abhangdecke


1. Test weld to be made with a single pass.

2. Sample to be bent with the lace in tension.

3. Sample is to be supported at each end with a slowly applied force (P) applied at the center (three point bending).

4. Bending is to proceed until the sample has a permanent bend angle of 20 degrees minimum.

Figure 5.19—Bridge Bend Test

5.18.2 Bend specimens shall be tested in accordance with the requirements of 5.11.3.

5.18.3 Fillet-weld specimens shall be tested in accordance with 5.11.6, 5.11.7, and 5.11.8, as applicable.

5.18.4 Macroetch test specimens shall meet the requirements of 5.11.

5.19 Test Results Required

Required results for welder qualification testing are identified in Part II of sections 7 through 10 for Class A through O welds, respectively.

5.20 Retests

If a welder fails to satisfy the requirements of this section in a given position, the welder may be retested in that position by welding two test welds. Both welds shall satisfy the requirements of this section. If either or both welds are unsatisfactory, the welder must provide evidence of further training prior to retest.

5.21 Period of Effectiveness

Qualified welders shall remain qualified for one year from their last qualification or acceptable production weld within the range of variables in 5.16. Nevertheless, when a qualified welder has not welded with the procedure at any time during the previous 90 days, a 200 mm (8 in.) long weld shall be welded in the vertical or overhead position or the position in production in which the majority of the welding will be done. Thickness of material and weld size shall be within the range qualified by the welding procedure qualification. The welder shall remain qualified if visual (for fillet welds) and radiographic (for groove welds) inspections meet the acceptance criteria for the class of weld. Macroetch tests may be substituted for radiographic examination as specified in 7.6.1 or 8.6.1.

5.22 Records

Records of welder qualification test results shall be maintained by the Contractor and shall be available to those authorized to examine them.

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