Document provided by IHS Licensee=ConocoPhillips WAN/5919206100, User=, 11/19/2003 23:12:38 MST Questions or comments about this message: please call from each coupon from locations shown in Figure 5.8 or Figure 5.9 and shall be prepared in accordance with 5.11.2 (Refer to Table 5.6).

9.7.2 Test Results. Welder qualification test results for Class C fillet welds shall meet the following requirements: Visual Examination. The welds shall meet the visual acceptance criteria of 9.9. Macroetch Test. Macroetch test specimens shall reveal no cracks at 5X magnification and shall meet the requirements of 9.10.

Part III Examination

9.8 Examination Requirements

All Class C production welds shall, as a minimum, be visually examined in accordance with section 6, Part II.


Any additional examination shall be as specified by the Customer, and performed in accordance with the requirements of section 6, as applicable. Acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with the following.

9.9 Visual Acceptance Criteria

The following acceptance criteria, in accordance with the procedures and standards of section 6, Part II, shall apply to all Class C welds during the visual examination for surface defects:

9.9.1 The weld shall have no cracks.

9.9.2 Complete fusion shall exist between adjacent weld beads, and full penetration shall exist between weld metal and base metal.

9.93 All craters shall be filled.

9.9.4 Weld profiles shall be in accordance with Figure 9.1.


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