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AWS D3.6M:1999



1. t in accordance with Tables 5.1 [Item A.2(a)], and 5.2 [Item A.2(a)]. As a minimum, t = s + 1/8 in.

2. L—equal to 12 in. min. for welded performance qualification and for welding procedure qualification.

3. Fillet weld break specimen may be cut in sections to facilitate breaking.


1. Diameter of d selected from Table 5.6 to qualify for production pipe sizes (welder qualification only).

2. Thickness in accordance with Tables 5.1 [Item A.2(a)] and 5.2 [Item A.2(a)] for procedure qualification and Section 5, Part III for performance qualification. As a minimum, t = s + 1/8 in.

3. Surfaces M to be examined for macroetch test. Hardness tests, when required, shall be made on the specimen from the six o'clock position.

Figure 5.8A—Fillet Weld Break and Macroetch Test Specimens

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