All Dimensions In Inches


1. Other pipe and fillet weld sizes may be used by agreement.

2. Pipe I.D. may be machined for joint fitup.

3. d = 2.375 in. (or 2 in. nominal pipe size). Larger pipe sizes may result in breaking strengths exceeding usual testing machine capabilities.

4. The coupon length shall be sufficient to accommodate the plug and testing machine jaws as shown in ASTM A370 or ANSI/AWS B4.0.

5. Prior to testing, the average throat dimension and total fillet weld test length (i.e., 3.14 x [d + S/2]) shall be measured. The throat of the weld is the minimum distance from the root of the joint to the face of the fillet weld. Root penetration is disregarded. The weld area in shear is calculated by multiplying the average throat by the total test length.

6. The specimen shall be tested in tension to failure, which shall be by shear through the test fillet welds. The maximum load is recorded.

7. The shear strength is determined by dividing the maximum load by the total weld area (throat times length) in shear.

8. The specimen may also be used for procedure qualification of fillet welds on plate.

Figure 5.18A—Transverse Weld Shear Strength Test Coupon for Pipe

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