Simulation condition

In the first simulation, we perform a static simulation without OCP infrastructure using single weighting matrices, we assume all terms in Q ^0 and R ^0, except: qn = 205.21, qu= 23.83, and Vu = 2500, as illustrated in figure 10 using dot line. In the second simulation, PC2 send any weighting matrices value to the PC1 (i.e. Q=diag[2,10,20,90], and R=[0.1]). Then GA will find a new weighting matrices, a global optimal value in this runtime all terms in Q —0 and R —>0, except: q11 =397.33, q44 =98.67 and rn = 1272.8, as illustrated in figure 10 using solid line. We have 2 simulation results, with OCP and without OCP, but the performance is similar as depicted in figure 10 because of given system is simple. If the system is more complex using 6DOF with more sensors and actuators we can see the difference performance that OCP is more effective in complicated cases.

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