Probe experiment on bluegreen algae

Probe experiment on blue-green algae can be regarded as a commission to inspect propulsion and maneuverability performance of SPC-III. Located in the area of Changjiang Delta Region, Taihu Lake is the major water source of Wuxi. In the summer of 2007, there was a mass breakout of blue-green algae in Taihu Lake, which became the prime environmental issue harassing the local residents and government. In November 2007, carrying Water Quality Multiprobes (HACH D5X), SPC-III successfully performed a probe cruising of about 49km in the water of Taihu Lake and brought back concentration distributing data of blue-green algae. Some of the probe results are shown in Table 2. Areas under heavy pollution are indicated in red in Figure 9.

O GPS data,caudal fin

□ compass,caudal fin

A GPD data,screw

X compass,screw

1 11 21 31 41 51 deflection angle(deg.)

Fig. 18. Yaw rate of SPC-III and the Comparison AUV, at about 1.1m/sec.

Fig. 19. Cruising trajectory of SPC-III at water quality probe on Taihu Lake shown in blue and areas under heavy pollution indicated in red

_Data on water quality of Taihu Lake ( November,2007)_

average PH value maximum PH value concentration of blue-green algae

(center of the lake) average pollution concentration (part of lake shore) Maximum concentration obtained

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