Pipeline cable recognition systems

Further we assume that AUV is equipped with several diverse recognition systems, capable to work simultaneously. For inspected object position estimation all data from recognition subsystems should be in uniform format. It is supposed, that each object identification subsystem n (n=1...N, N- number of subsystems) periodically gives out the following data:

• vector of position and direction of the inspected object (in absolute coordinate system) rt<n>= [X t<n>,Y i<n>,Ot<n>]T.

• estimation of object existence probability pt<n>.

It is also supposed that AUV is equipped with onboard navigation system which is necessary for recognition subsystems data integration. It gives current AUV coordinates in the next format: riAUV=[XiAUV,YtAUV,OiAUV]T. During inspection vehicle moves on a relatively small distance over the sea bottom, therefore a Doppler velocity log /DVL/ can be used for AUV position determination. The best models of modern DVL provide measurement accuracy of speed at a level 1-2 mm/s. The accumulating position error in this case does not exceed 10 meters per hour that is quite allowable for maintenance of a positive control for cable tracking.

For the sake of definiteness we shall assume, that AUV is equipped with the following systems:

• electromagnetic searcher /EMS/;

• multi-beam echo-sounder system /MB ESS/. Let's consider operation peculiarities of these systems.

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