Fig. 6. Line of sight (LOS) guidance approach.

Fig. 6. Line of sight (LOS) guidance approach.

Fig. 7. Test of the ICTIOBOT prototype, in slightly deep waters of the coast of Mallorca, Spain, tracking a curved trajectory

As it can be seen, navigation, guidance and control systems are very elementary and even in these calm waters the trajectory presents severe deviations from the reference. A second set of trials was carried out with a pipe in the seabed, painted in yellow in figure 8. As it may be seen, the prototype begins in the position (58.0), relative to the trial location, and moves to the position (65.25) to initiate the search. When this point is found, after doing a trajectory in shape of eight, the sonar is turned off in order to simulate a search strategy proposed by the DMP.

Thus the reference appears in zigzag for the wished path. This trajectory is depicted by step points which were united by a solid red line for better clarity. Again, the necessary improvement is demonstrated in the guidance and control systems, since with the bigger inertia on account of the weight of the sonar and the associate electronics, the AUV moves away from the reference imposed by the DMP.

ATModuie Environment Observer

Fig. 8. Test in Mallorca, Spain; looking for a pipeline

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