Overview of ISiMI

In the consideration of the design concept, a first version of ISiMI was manufactured with fundamental sensors that were required to enable it to cruise in the OEB. The appearance of ISiMI is shown in Fig. 1. Adopting the modular design concept, we can insert additional mission sensors by extending the length of the AUV's mid-section hull. Fig. 2 shows the ISiMI hull that was extended by inserting an acoustic telemetry module, and Table 1 shows a comparison of the principal dimensions of ISiMI and the extended ISiMI. This chapter

Fig. 1. Appearance of ISiMI AUV

Fig. 1. Appearance of ISiMI AUV

Acoustic telemetry module Fig. 2. Acoustic telemetry module focuses on the first version of ISiMI AUV to cruise in the OEB. The ISiMI system is divided into a mechanical system, a control system and a communication system. Its mechanical system includes its hull structure, its thruster and its control fins. Its control system includes a computer, electrical interface boards, sensors and software. Its communication system, which enables it to communicate with surface or other vehicles, includes wired and wireless LAN and a R/F modem. The extended ISiMI has an acoustic modem for underwater wireless communication. A new generation ISiMI100 will be equipped with a hybrid navigation system composed of an inertial measurement unit, a Doppler velocity log and range information (Lee et al., 2007; Lee and Jun, 2007).






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