Openloop zigzag test

The zigzag test was conducted to check the horizontal maneuvering property of ISiMI. The results of the test in the horizontal plane were plotted with the simulation results conducted with the 6-DOF non-linear model in Fig. 12. The velocity of ISiMI was 0.8 m/ sec and its rudder angle was toggled between -12.6 degrees and +12.6 degrees. The experimental results showed that the overshoot angle was in the range of 5~7.6 degrees. The hydrodynamic coefficients used in the simulation are listed in (Jun et al., 2008). The discrepancy between the simulation and experiment results shows that the numerical model has more yaw damping or less fin force than ISiMI. The experimental results will be used in system identification for the correction of the numerical model in future works.

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