Open water trials

A comprehensive set of open water trials have been carried out to validate some of the science reported above. Trials were carried out in Portmore Loch (Scotland) and Vobster Quarry Somerset (England) using HWU RAUVER hover capable AUV, see figure 8.a.

Fig. 8. The prototype of the Ocean Systems Laboratory, RAUVER, a hover capable autonomous underwater vehicle. b) In-water trials: net avoidance from different starting positions.

In this test, a net structure is set in the middle of the scene, see figure 8.b. The vehicle is sent to a waypoint located in the other side of the net. The starting point of the mission is situated in different places to observe the different behaviours. The expected behaviour is for the deliberative layer to plan a parallel course until the extent is detected, then a horizontal diversion. If this fails, the reactive layer should reverse to clear danger. During the test starting from A the deliberative system found an alternative trajectory to reach the target avoiding the obstacle with a left horizontal diversion. In test B, the system, that was keeping track of the next extension, found a trajectory on the left of the net and replanned the mission to go back and do the left horizontal diversion. Test C demonstrated that, by moving the starting point a little forward to the right of the net, extent is detected and the system is able to find a horizontal diversion on the right side of the net. In all cases, deliberative behaviours were always successful, without recourse to the reactive layer.

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