were the weights matrix Wkj was evaluated in the same manner as (4). To improve the method efficiency, the least squares solution (8) was either computed as follows

so the mean value has to be added in (11). Several interpolation methods such as Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, and Bicubic were first applied to the measured data but with no successful results. The LSCM was then considered since it is specially attractive for problems posed on irregularity shaped domains, which is the case here. Giving the intermittence of the phenomena in observation, using "local" functions instead of using elementary functions which cover the all measurements domain (e.g., Fourier Series), no influence is assumed between widely estimated measurements of the desired variable.

3.1.2 Results

As in other field studies (Washburn et al., 1992; Petrenko et al. 1998; Jones et al. 2001), salinity was found to be more useful than either temperature or density in delineating and observing the plume structure. The LSCM results for the salinity parameter are presented in Fig. 9. From those figures, plotted with the same color scale, it is possible to identify unambiguously the effluent plume and to observe its dispersion downstream in the North-South direction. It appears as a region of lower salinity compared to surrounding ocean

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