Mechanical parts

The low-cost ICTIOBOT prototype presented in figure 4 consists of two torpedoes assembled in an aluminium structure. These torpedoes are stimulated by two electrical propellants constructed by Motorguide and used by the divers as dragger vehicles. These are economic, support pressures of up to 6kg and develop a speed of up to 2mph each one. They are done of glass fibber and take 4 batteries inside. The above mentioned batteries are of 12V 33AH of absorbed electrolyte that give a good autonomy, considering that the tests of bigger duration and exigency reached 4 hours.

A high pressure canister is placed between both torpedoes and contains most of the mentioned electronics, except the compass and the communication systems, which are assembled apart in a watertight plastic box over the aluminium structure. The canister in turn is connected to other PVC box, everything using cable connectors that support pressure values associated with depths over 100m. The GPS, the high frequency modem and the WiFi adapter are protected by a water-repellent gel inside a few PVC's pipes.

The MBE is assembled in the front of the AUV structure and protected by a steel mask of a few aluminium bars that allow its vertical or horizontal assembly.

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