Localization in the OEB

The localization problem is a major challenge in underwater robotics. In the OEB environment, there is a severe constraint to using an acoustic positioning system due to the multi-path of the acoustic signal reflected from the wall and bottom of the OEB and from the free surface. Therefore, the image tracking system on the CPMC in the OEB is used for the non-contract position tracking of ISiMI. The CPMC has a three-degrees-of-freedom moving mechanism that enables ISiMI to follow the x-y position and heading of an object located under the CCD camera. The position and heading of the object with respect to the CCD coordinates are transformed to the reference coordinates (the basin coordinates) using the position and heading of the camera with respect to the reference coordinates, which are calculated from the encoders of the CPMC actuators. The tracked position of ISiMI is transmitted to the ISiMI with a 2Hz bandwidth via a wireless R/F link between the surface computer and ISiMI in real time. The image tracking system installed under CPMC is shown in Fig. 8.

Fig. 8. CPMC and image tracking system of the OEB.

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