-myGr m(xG p+yGq) -JyxP - Jyq - Jyzr JxP + Jxyq + Jxzr 0

mp myGP -m(zGr + xgP) mVGr -mxGq m(zGr + XGP) -mzGq

Generalized force vector t at the right of the equation (1) is outside force (or moment) acting on the AUV, including static force vector tg (gravity and buoyancy), hydrodynamics force vector of the vehicle body (include ta which is caused by added mass and viscous damping force tv ), and the controlled forece vector (include the thruster force tprop and the fin force tr ). The static force vector tg reflects the effect of the vehicle weight and buoyancy. The vehicle's weight is W = mg and the buoyancy is B= pVg, where p is the dentisity of the surrounding fluid, and V is the total volume displaced by the AUV. Therefore, tg is given by

Xg '

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