— Map N

1—Obstacle N


Fig. 14. Structure of simulation system

The environment manager takes environment information such as Table 2 and models the factors that influence the autonomous underwater vehicle's navigation while enabling interaction between the objects that are involved. The autonomous navigation system references the various information generated by the environment manager and carries out its tasks. The main function of the environment manager is to construct and manage the simulation environment by generating various objects and initializing its properties while tuning the interaction between these objects.

An object is the object oriented representation of the state of the environment information and the autonomous underwater vehicle. To represent the autonomous underwater vehicle's navigation environment, the simulator creates subjects of identical properties into classes, and these classes are the main frame of objects. The objects generated by the environment manager represents the navigation environment and has specific properties and motions depending on its given function. The environment manager generates a map, obstacle and the autonomous underwater vehicle as an object. The map object represents the ocean floor geography that the autonomous underwater vehicle navigates through and has a hierarchical structure constituting of Areas and Spots. The obstacle object represents all obstacles that can appear during navigation and can be divided in to dynamic obstacles and static obstacles depending on their movement. The autonomous underwater vehicle object represents the autonomous underwater vehicle itself and is connected with the autonomous navigation system. Fig. 15 shows the overall environment information classes.


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