288112cell/ml. 868120cell/ml.

Table 2. SPC-III brought back data carrying HACH D5X in the water of Taihu Lake

Fig. 20. working environment of SPC-III on Taihu Lake

As a portable UUV, the convenience of SPC-III was proven in the experiment on Taihu Lake. It can be plunged or fished easily by two persons manually without the usage of special ships and devices. Branches and aquatic grass near the bank are often great disaster to small propellers; yet caudal fin thruster which depends on oscillating propulsion can safely pass such area. Thus SPC-III can cruise in water area which is close to the bank and full of aquatic plants. Since blue-green algae are active in these areas, maneuverability advantage of SPC-III is very remarkable. Furthermore, nets or navigation mark often appear on the set navigation route, which requires human intervention to change the course of the vehicle. Nevertheless, relying on greater turning rate, SPC-III can take action when it is very close to the obstacles and does not need early warning. As for the obtruding aquatic bushes it met when cruising in the area a few meters from the bank, SPC-III can steer clear of them with a very small turning radius by slowing down its speed. This is very difficult for a AUV with only one propeller.

Having its batteries charged only one time, SPC-III completed its 49km-mission for 3 days continuously. No default was observed on caudal fin thruster. The reliability of this kind of propeller was preliminarily confirmed.

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