Implementation in the Hugin Auv

Goal driven mission management systems produce a mission plan based on the overall mission objectives together with relevant constraints and prior knowledge of the mission area. Such a system is being developed for the HUGIN AUV. A hybrid control architecture, as described in Section 3.1, is used. The deliberate layer has a hierarchical structure, dividing each task into smaller subtasks until the subtasks can be implemented by the lower, reactive layer. This gives much flexibility in placing the line between the deliberate and the reactive part, and the solution fits well into the existing HUGIN system.

Using existing well-proven software as a starting point reduces the effort required for implementation and testing. It also facilitates a stepwise development approach, where new features can be tested at sea early in the process. While extensive testing can be performed in simulations, there is no substitute for testing AUV subsystems in their natural environment - the sea. This has been one of the main principles of the HUGIN development programme.

A framework for autonomy has been designed and implemented, and is being integrated with the existing HUGIN control and mission management system. Among the first features to utilize this framework are an advanced anti-collision system, automated surfacing for GPS position updates (controlled by a variety of constraints), and adaptive vehicle track parameters and sensor settings to optimize sensor performance. In this way, incremental steps will be taken towards a complete goal driven mission management system. Automated mission planning will also be beneficial for mission preparation, simplifying the work of the operator and reducing the risk of mission failure due to human errors.

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