Ictiobots architecture

The modular architecture of the prototype is based on the aims and working hypotheses previously described, and it is presented in figure 2, showing the basic modules of any autonomous robot, that is, the mission planner planner, guidance, control, and navigation systems.

The DMP system comprises the EN4AUV knowledge based system and an OAS, based on evolutionary robotic paradigm developed for terrestrial applications (Fernández León, et al. 2004). Both modules, jointly with the guidance and control systems, and the pattern recognition system run in a low consumption on-board PC.

The navigation system is constituted by a compass, a GPS (for navigating in the surface and re-initialization of accumulated errors), an inertial navigation system, and a depth sensor. They are the input of a sensor fusion module that determines the position in absolute coordinates, the attitude and the depth of the robot location.

The other sensors in the payload are a MBE for target tracking and a FLS for obstacle perception. A SSS and a MAG for target searching and tracking will be added in future stages of the project.

Every module has an input-output data flow based on messages put on a UDP channel, and broadcasted for the remaining ones, using TCP/IP protocol. The operating system is GNU Linux running in an industrial PC, and the preponderant programming language is C++.


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