Field test results

Two variations of CPT algorithms were tested in four different sets of experiments. A first CPT algorithm, described with experimental results in (Farrell et al., 2003), was tested at San Clemente Island (SCI) CA in September 2002 and at SCI in November 2002. Based on the results of those tests, the Find, Reacquire, and Source Declaration behaviors were revised and the post-declaration maneuvers were added. The revised CPT strategy described herein using the parameters shown in Table 4 was experimentally tested at SCI in April 2003 and at Duck NC in June 2003 (Farrell et al., 2005). The April 2003 experiments successfully declared the source location on 7 of 8 experiments. The experiments included ground truth confirmation of declared source locations via sidescan sonar. The algorithms and field test results described herein, unless otherwise noted, are from the June 2003 experiments in Duck NC.




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