Feasibility of SPCII to perform underwater task

1) Introduction of robofish SPC-II

The bionic propulsive underwater vehicle was researched in the Robotic Institute from 1999. "S.P.C.", which was brought forward on the basis of our many years' research and experience, is a design principle of the robot, which means that stability is superior. The series of SPC-Irobofishes, designed in "S.P.C." mode have attained good effect. SPC-II is the revised version of SPC-I, which was developed for some engineering application, but still in the phase of theory demonstrating and validating.

Fig. 2. General layout of SPC-II

SPC-II adopts streamline shape and FRP (Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics) material. It is mainly consist of eight parts: console, communication module, mechanical reality, power module, task scheduling module, motion control module, navigation module and video module. The robofish can perform five basic actions of going ahead, turning left, turning right, rising and submergence, and it can achieve the function of course keeping, submergence maneuverability, swimming in certain depth, GPS navigation, video capture. Figure 2 is the general layout of SPC-II. Figure 3 shows the system framework and data flowing.

In order to communicate with SPC-II conveniently, we develop the console software based on PC. The main functions are as follows:

System Monitoring. It can check the work state, water leak state and system communication state periodically, and raise the alarm when there is abnormity.

Setting Parameters. Regulating the swimming parameters of robofish, and setting sea route and constituting the task.

Dynamic Manipulation. Real-time Controlling heading, velocity, ascending or submergence of the robofish, and showing the information returned from sensor in graphics mode synchronously.

Data recording. Record the information of swimming track, image, system state and so on. Figure 4 is the main interface of the console software, which can be divided into several areas according to function. The main manipulation is related with function keys of the keyboard and the operation is simple, speedy and agile.

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