Fast marching based trajectory planning 31 Related previous work

A method for computing consistent distance functions in the continuous domain was first proposed in (Tsitsiklis, 1995) but the method of the author is less efficient than the Fast

Marching method (Sethian, 1999). A FM based trajectory planning method among moving obstacles has been proposed in (Kimmel et al., 1998). The Fast Marching algorithm has also been applied in trajectory planning in (Melchior et al., 2003), where the authors compare A* and FM efficiencies among static obstacles. In (Philippsen & Siegwart, 2005), the authors develop a FM based trajectory planning method that allows dynamic replanning and improves Fast Marching efficiency in the case of a-priori unknown or dynamic domains. All these works are close in spirit to what we describe in this chapter except for the fact that we introduce a heuristic in a novel FM* algorithm to speed up the exploration process.

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