Control hardware internal communication bus and distributed CPU system

In control hardware robustness, reliability, high speed, synchronization are important. A distributed CPU system reduces concentration of processing load on a single CPU and allows system redundancy. A distributed CPU system can be composed of printed circuit boards with an embedded CPU chip and an internal bus. In the distributed real-time system, it is important which internal bus is the best for the system considered. Some researchers (Weidong 2006, Blandin 1998, Yoshida 2004) proposed the the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus which was originally developed in the 1980's by R.BOSCH GmbH as an internal bus for AUVs. The CAN bus is based on the broadcast communication mechanism. Every message has a message identifier, which is unique within the whole network since it defines content and the priority of the message. The CAN bus also has the mechanism of bit and frame synchronization. The maximum data transmission rate of CAN is 10 MHz.

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