This paper presents an alternative design scheme of two joints caudal fin thruster for portable AUV with single-screw propeller. Using this kind of caudal fin thruster, Biorobotic autonomous undersea vehicle SPC-III has a displacement tonnage of 47kg and a length of 1.75m. The caudal fin thruster only accounts 7% of its displacement tonnage. Comparison experiment on self-propelling has been carried out on the sea. Within the speed of 2~2.7 joints, power consumption of caudal fin thruster and screw propeller is nearly the same. Maximum speed is 1.36m/s and Maximum turning rate is 36°/s. Minimum turning diameter is 2BL, while Minimum turning diameter of the compared propeller AUV is 5BL. Theoretically, Equipped with inside 2352Wh power units, endurance can reach 20 hours at two knots.

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