Described method of data calculation and AUV control model are used in underwater vehicles designed in Institute of Marine Technology Problems. Sea trial results confirmed high performance of the VIC & EMS integration method. The modeling results of ESS allow to appreciate optimistically an opportunity of the algorithm using for solving of pipeline inspection problems. The method has shown the serviceability and to a first approximation it is supposed to use in the control system of existing AUV for detection and the motion organization along the acoustically visible lengthy cylindrical objects (in particular, pipelines). However the method requires testing with use of real ESS and the pipeline. Future method development consists of data integration from low frequency & high frequency SSS for pipeline and cable tracking. Experiments with the use of Hough transformation for detection of lengthy objects on SSS-images yield encouraging results. Authors thank IMTP directions for R&D support and colleagues - for the help in carrying out of sea tests.

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