AUV motion will

As an intelligent system, the AUV has motion will to some degree. It knows the expected speed and when and how to run and stop. The effect from environment changing is secondary, and it can overcome the distubance by itself. Certainly, the obility to overcome the distubance is not given by researchers, because they may not have the detailed knowledge of the changing of environment. Howerver, the AUV motion will can be given easily, because the artificial machine must reflect the human ideas. For example, when an AUV runs from the current state to the objective state, how to get the expected acceleration(motion will) can be considered synthetically by the power of thrusters, the working requirement and the energy consumption. However, the active compensation to various acting force (the reflective intelligence for achieving the motion will) will be obtained from self-learning. This is the path which we should follow for the AUV motion control (Peng, 1995).

The purpose of motion control is to drive the error S and the error variance ratio V between the current state and and the objective state to be zero. The pre-programming of control output is given by a = V = {ax, ay, az, aw, aB} = f(S V)

where the concrete form of f (■) can be given by synthetically consideration according to the drive ability of the power system.

where amax is the AUV maximal acceleration, which lies on the drive ability of power system and the vehicle mass. P is given by

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