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4000-Count Multimeter for Just $39.95

Extech's full-featured multimeter with large LCD display and 11 functions needed for testing electronic equipment.

Compared to simpler models this DMM features:

• Greater resolution: 0.1mV max. • Temperature and Frequency

• Diode test, duty cycle & continuity • 11 functions with Autorange

• Data hold, range hold, auto-off • Size: 4.8"H x 2.4"W x 1.6"D

• AC/DC voltage ranges: 400mV - 600V • Frequency ranges: 10Hz - 10MHz

• AC/DC current ranges: 400|jA - 10A • Temperature ranges: 0°C - 760°C

• Resistance ranges: 40012 - 40M12

• Capacitance ranges: 4nF-200|jF

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