Developer and Moderator of Tetsujin 2004 Rules

After 27 years as a software developer and architect in such diverse fields as operating systems, industrial and laboratory robotics, and manufacturing control, Steve Judd has turned his considerable trove of knowledge and experience to the robotics field.A founding member and officer of the Robot Fighting League ( and a principal of COMBOTS, LLC — a company dedicated to producing robotic competitions — Steve has created some of the most well-known, feared, and admired entries in the combat robotics community.

His attitude toward the products of mechanical engineering — the bigger, the better — is a perfect fit for Tetsujin. His involvement with the event was a manifestation of that interest; when Dan Danknick first mentioned the exoskeleton competition, Steve immediately wanted to be involved. His goal is to have the initial challenge hard enough to be interesting, but possible for a wide range of competitors.When not reigning over the robotic multitudes, Steve's interests turn to baseball, photography, and giant squids (again, the bigger, the better!).Visit his website or Email him at [email protected]

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