See for these easy-to-use solutions!

easyRADIO USB Logic Analyzer Micro Controller USB to 24 x I/O

easyRADIOTM ER900TRS Transceiver Modules make wireless data transmission simple for USA and Europe! Add wireless capability to your project! $45 (100pr)

ANT8 Matchbox-sized USB-powered logic analyzer. Sample 8 channels at up to 500 MS/s. View traces on PC. Print or save for later review! (16-ch. ver. too!) only $222!

WMD Wireless Micro Board uses fastest Atmel Mega -16MIPs for wireless controllers. Great for mobile robots and data logging applications. from $239!

USBI/O24 - 24 latched I/O lines self-powered from your PC's USB port. Ubicom SX52 allows individual pin I/O programming. I/O control via PCs USB port. from $69!

Mini Web Server USB PC Scope PC Scope Adapters Data Modem

ADC-212/100 turns your PC into a great high-speed scope. Sampling to 100MS/s at 12-bit res. FREE s/w turns PC into powerful 2-ch scope, DVM & spectrum analyzer. $95 - $1145

PicoServ™ Miniature Web Server allows remote I/O and servicing. Collect analog & digital data over a web connection. Remote sensing/control, SCADA, building control, etc. from $189

Stingray - 1 MS/s sampling 12-bit 2-ch USB scope adapter for PC. Looks like a "Digital Scope" on your PC screen! Great for laptops, and servicing. Only $189

Data Modem - USB-powered radio transceiver boards, add wireless RS232 to your device! Get remote control for your product from PC USB port! _only $125!

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Hobbyists, Designers, Students:

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