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Sue Carroll, Eastsound,WA

To give you a bit of background, the Southern California Robotics Society (what it was called before 1989, when its name was changed to the Robotics Society of Southern California) ordered 17 robots from the dying Androbot Corporation for about $125.00 each. We then ordered 17 more — all they had left — and that included gel cells, chargers, and a transmitter that worked with an Apple II. Just for the fun of it, I unpacked all of them — they were stored in my garage until everyone came by to stake their claims — and arranged them around the living room. I posed for this photo, reading a Robotics Age Magazine to them. I believe that our group bought more TOPOs than Androbot sold altogether to anyone else!

Arachnibot Pi

Christopher Wagers, Lake Oswego, OR

The Arachnibot is a walking platform that can climb obstacles more than twice its height. It is made from machined polycarbonate and is designed for the harshest environments. Every component and function has been engineered for strength and expandability. It can sense objects and respond to them as it moves, using a closed-loop locomotion system. This is my research tool, whether I am working in a search and rescue mode or designing a robust platform for Mars!

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Daryl Sandberg and Larry Geib, Beaverton, OR

MRToo won the SRS/SERVO Magazine Robo-Magellan competition, held at Robothon on September 25th, 2004.

The robot has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Four windshield washer motors are used as drive motors and a power window motor is used for steering. Four 12 V lead acid batteries provide the power for the motors and electronics, giving the robot about a 1/2 mile range. Daryl hand-built the wheels from plastic sheet and floor matting. It has a BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller for brains and reads a Garmin GEKO 201 GPS and a Devantech CMPS-01 compass for navigation. The robot follows a route directed by the GEKO's route mapping function, pausing when the GPS determines that a waypoint is near to look for cones. Oh, the name means "Moon Rover, Too!"

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