Rov Events For Students And Teachers

The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center in Monterey, CA, provides great support and resources for ROV education. Contact Outreach Director and Competition Coordinator Jill Zande ([email protected]) or visit the website ( for information on the following:

• Regional ROV competitions for students in the US and Canada.

• 2005 National Student Underwater Robot Competition, co-organized by the Marine Technology Society's ROV Committee.

• MATE Summer Institute for Faculty Development, held each summer in Monterey.

be doing in 75 years, we would be very short-sighted in picking up all the things that are going to happen. Beside farming the ocean, there are the scientific aspects: medical research and feeding our expanding population."

Echoing the thoughts of science writers — like Arthur C. Clarke — who view the potential of the sea as being on par with space research and development (and both involving pitiless hostile environments), Barrows is predicting a similar future for exploring and exploiting the sea.

"We're in about the same era as those biplane pilots. Underwater exploration and ROVs have been around for a while, but not at today's level. Right now, we're really getting good at exploring the ocean and

MATE is also working with Harry Bohm, Vickie Jensen, and Dr. Steve Moore to produce an expanded handbook - Introduction To Underwater Vehicle Design.

exploiting it for human purposes, for lots of reasons.

Barrows predicts that ROVs will allow cost effective exploitation of resources underwater, such as oil, gas, and minerals. "All of a sudden, people are going to find that it's cost effective to recover the manganese modules that are down there — or any one of a zillion chemicals that the ocean is full of — because we haven't reached the absolute cost effective need to take advantage of it.

"So where are ROVs going to go? Beyond any of our wildest dreams."

Get wet, young man. SV

Luke Powell concentrates on wiring a control Launch time for an enthusiastic underwater robot workshop board for an underwater robot. group at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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