Figure 5. Nv with indicator and PIC.

trigger the PIC, Nv (2, 18) becomes active. It times out and passes the process to Nv (4, 16). Wait, and Nv (4, 16) times out.

Add the next two Nvs so that the first bank is populated. After each Nv, test the performance of the chain.

By the time you reach a Quadchain, you'll notice that something just isn't right. Nv (2, 18) will always work properly. Nv (4, 16) should be all right. The other two neurons, though, will act a little strange. Why?

Let's trace it out. The action of the PIC provides Nv (2, 18) with a clean transition from active to inactive. Because Nv (2, 18) switches cleanly, Nv (4, 16) also receives a fairly clear signal. However, Nv (4, 16)'s output will not be as clean. The farther away from the clear low signal of the

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