A teacher builds his first underwater robot at a workshop for educators.

Co-author Vickie Jensen demonstrates how to build a simple diving bell.

Get Wet, Young Man

MATE's competitions herald an impressive future for ROVs. In 1865, when asked where opportunity lay, Horace Greeley wrote, "Go west, young man." Today, he might be telling that same young man that the future is of a more aquatic nature. Barrows says, "One gentleman explained it to me this way: Imagine that you and I are back around 1925 and we at a county fair with our first opportunity to see a biplane come somersaulting through the air — what we used to call barnstorming. We're sitting there, saying, 'What's going to happen in 75 or 100 years? Where will these machines be?'

"I think that, if we sat down and tried to guess all of the things that ROVs — or similar equipment — are going to

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