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Look for a number of interesting robot events this month. The November ChiBots contest will be held in a new venue and includes a new maze-solving event. The finals for both the Texas BEST and South's BEST will also be held in November. The Texas BEST final is a worth seeing for its sheer size alone. There are sometimes teams from as many as 60 schools competing. November also includes events in Spain, Japan, and Canada. So, no matter where you live, there's probably a robot competition worth seeing (o participating in).

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CIRC Autonomous Robot Sumo Competition

Peoria, IL

In addition to sumo, this year's event includes some R/C combat events. htm

AESS National Robotics Contest

Barcelona, Spain Based on the photos available at the website, this is a student contest for line followers and sumo robots.

Texas BEST Regional Competition

Moody Coliseum, SMU, Dallas, TX Students and corporate sponsors build robots from standardized kits and compete in a challenge that changes each year.

Eastern Canadian Robot Games

Ontario Science Centre, Ontario, Canada Includes BEAM events, including autonomous sumo and a fire fighting competition.

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