I mounted the Handy Board using VELCRO® in the rear half of the top bat. The Handy Board comes with the batteries in a plastic box that the CPU board mounted above. There are no bolt holes or anything else that would would make attaching it easy. I also thought that maybe I would like to

remove the Handy Board on occasion, so using the VELCRO allows change without major surgery.

I mounted the compass at the front of the top bat. To make the compass most accurate, there cannot be other ferrous metal parts near the compass module. That is why all the metal parts near the top are aluminum. The compass module is almost a DIP package, but is too wide. I used a standard 28-pin DIP socket — cut in half and widened — in a perfboard to mount the module. I used hot glue to attach some LEGOs to the bat and the plug parts to the compass module perfboard.

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