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Jorgen Pedersen, CEO, founded Robotics Engineering Excellence in July of 2001. He has been involved in robotics for over 10 years and holds two patents related to robotics.

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Then try the YEI ServoCenter 3.1 Controller!

ServoCenter allows independent & simultaneous serial control of the seek speed & position of 16 hobby servos per board.

Module Only

Full Package

Module Only

Full Package

Features: • 16 Servos per board & up to 16 linked boards for simultaneous control of up to 256 servos!

♦ Scaled positioning mode for programmable maximum/minimum/startup points.

♦ Selectable baud rate with a compact yet robust serial protocol.

♦ On-board regulator provides 6.0V or 4.8V servo power with over-current & thermal protection.

♦ Code examples for: GCC/LINUX, QBASIC, VB6, VC++6, Turbo C, C#.NET, VB.NET, VC.NET.

♦ DLL and OCX custom control for instant WIN32 programming.

Power adapter, serial cable, sample code/applications CD, and user's manual / programming guide.

Package Includes:

Learn more at: www.YostEngineering.com/ServoCenter

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