Explore the Caribbean 's barrier reef

Sam Bean is an up and coming talent in underwater photography. Her focus and determination enable her to capture and present award winning images.

This trip to Roatan is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to achieve your photographic best whilst diving on some of the Caribbean's most stunning barrier reef sites. Sam will be there to support and help you to develop your existing photographic expertise, to work with the strengths of your own photographic system and to explore your creative ideas. For farther details, contact Divequest.

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EuroTek 08

ICC Birmingham, England Nov 15th & 16th 2008

Organised by divers for divers, the EuroTek. 08 Conference and Dive Exhibition will offer unique insights into the world of advanced diving by encouraging a better understanding of emerging technologies.

EuroTek.08 will include some of the most prominent world leaders in their particular fields of expertise; dedicated divers whose wealth of knowledge is second to none,divers who have been instrumental in helping to shape the future growth and development of diving exploration. With a full focus of attention on a wide spectrum of advanced underwater activities: technical, commercial, military, cave, wreck and scientific as well as conservation issues, this two-day EuroTek.08 Conference & Dive Exhibition will merge all facets of diving into one event aimed at promoting the exhilaration and adventure of diving to an enthusiastic audience.




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Explore the Caribbean's barrier reef with Sam Bean

22nd-31st May 2009

This trip is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to achieve your photographic best whilst diving on some of the Caribbean's most stunning barrier reef sites.

Sam will be there to support and help you to develop your existing photographic expertise, to work with the strengths of your own photographic system and to explore creative new ideas for photography.

Both experienced photographers and new photographers starting out on the exciting journey of image capture are welcome to join our group. During the trip there will be a number of optional workshops to cover a range of photographic concepts and stimulate ideas for your following dives.

Why not join Sam in the Bay Islands and improve your own photography, whether you hope to enter competitions or simply enjoy capturing those special images for friends and family?


Eco Divers Digital Photo Shoot-out 2008

Kungkungan Bay Resort, North Sulawesi, is proud to have been selected by Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine as host resort for its Digital Download photo shoot-out event 2008.

The shoot-out is in a 5-night format between 26 November and 01 December. All are welcome to join irrespective of level of experience, with the emphasis firmly on having fun and learning. There is no entrance fee to pay - all you need to do to join this exciting event is make a normal booking on those dates and let Eco

Divers know you would like to join the event.

Prizes will be in three categories: Macro Behaviour, Portrait and Portfolio. The first prize in each category is a Canon EOS 450D camera!

Judging the event will be three very well known personalities from the world of scuba diving and underwater photography; William Tan, Simon Buxton and Mike Veitch.



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Sea turtle hunt in diver's paradise

The Indonesian archipelago is home to six out of seven still-living species of sea turtle worldwide. According to Act No. 1 from 1990 and Act No. 7 of 1999, sea turtles are protected nationwide and the trade with whole animals or parts of them is forbidden.

It has been known for a long time that these regulations have neither been adhered to nor have malfeasances been punished. In Bali alone, 25,000 turtles have been slaughtered most brutally in the last 10 years, with the knowledge of the public as well as the police.

The turtles being processed in Bali have not been caught on the spot - because sea turtles simply don't exist there anymore. They are being delivered from all over the place, but primarily from south-east Sulawesi, a region considered to be one of the best diving spots in the world.

PROFAUNA has been investigating for months and is now able to supply evidence with numbers and names of dealers. Detailed information is at www.sos-seaturtles. ch

About 600 of a total of 1,115 sea turtles from south-east Sulawesi have been caught at WAKATOBI National


The area of Wakatobi is situated between the Banda- and Flores Sea and, at 1.39 million hectares, is the second largest National Park in Indonesia. The impression of tranquility given to visitors is misleading, because the park is where not only sea turtles, but also sharks, napoleonfish and jewfish, are being caught there for the Asian market. The problem is not lack of money - each tourist and diver has to pay. The problem is corruption, centralised bad planning, disinterest, cultural disparity, bureaucracy and lack of motivation.

Here we are not only talking about the protection of a species, we're also talking about animal welfare: the suffering of each individual disembowelled alive.

The animals are being caught with nets, weirs or harpoons or captured when they come ashore to nest. With no food, they are put into small pools filled with brackwater, mostly not deep enough for them to cool down or get protection from the sun, and they sometimes have to wait there for months until a boat will ship them to Bali. We have seen horrible injuries and skin lesions.

Their front legs are pierced and tied up and they are laid on top of each other, and they are then shipped in the hull, with neither food nor water -for weeks. Their lives of suffering then come to a horrifying end in Bali.

PROFAUNA and SOS-SEATURTLES now want to put an end to the sea turtle trade once and for all. The point is to put pressure on authorities as well as organising activities for the public.

This strategies did work very well on the island of Bali where the Turtle trade decreased 90% !!

Police must attend to their duties in south-east Sulawesi, especially in WAKATOBI National Park. PROFAUNA is going to use its contacts among high-ranked government officials. SOS SEATURTLES - as usual - is going to act as a mouthpiece outside Indonesia to spread the word to media organisations throughout the world. This gives everyone interested the opportunity to take part and support petitions and protest letters worldwide.

Of course all these campaigns and activities cost money. SOS-SEATURTLES is a not-for-profit organisation and all donations will be used 100 per cent for the sea turtle conservation projects. Besides private donors we have also been getting support from the dive- and travel industries. All supporters are acknowledged on the SOS-SEATURTLES website www. seaturtles.ch.

Kurt Amsler


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