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Carbon Steel (E7014)

Carbon Steel (E7014)

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2-5.5 Drag Technique. Steel plate can be cut simply by dragging the electrode along the desired line of cut. The drag technique can be used to cut 1/4-inch steel plates with 300 amperes of current. 3/8-inch plate requires using 400 amperes of current. This technique works more effectively using larger electrodes and higher currents. The diver may find that using the drag technique in a flat position is more effective than in other positions.

When cutting thicker plates, a slow, short-stroke, sawing motion must be used to push the molten metal out of the far side of the cut. This technique is illustrated in Figure 2-10.

Skillful application of this sawing technique makes the metal-arc cutting process practical over a wide range of thicknesses. When cutting non-ferrous metal round stock, a sawing motion should be used, starting at the bottom and pushing through.


This chapter has presented two methods of underwater cutting. Attention to safety procedures contained within this chapter and in Appendix D must be observed and carefully followed.

Figure 2-10. Technique for Underwater Shielded Metal-Arc Cutting of Thick Plate and Round Stock.

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