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Provide a responsive military capability for the construction/installation, inspection, repair, and removal of ocean facilities.

Underwater Construction Team One (UCT ONE):

Commanding Officer Underwater Construction Team One 1465 Hewitt Drive Norfolk VA 23521-2523

Tele: (804) 464-7447 DSN: 680-7447 FAX: (804) 464-8142 Message Address: UCT ONE

Underwater Construction Team Two (UCT TWO):

Commanding Officer Underwater Construction Team Two 4643 Dock Road Building 524

Port Hueneme CA 93043-4321

Tele: (805) 982-5948 DSN: 551-5948 FAX: (805) 982-3246 Message Address: UCT TWO

Naval Construction Training Center (Port Hueneme): Delta Company - Special Schools Division

Provides basic and advanced underwater construction training courses, and specialized short courses, primarily for the Underwater Construction Technicians in the NOFP.

Commanding Officer

Naval Construction Training Center

Delta Company

363 White House Way Port Hueneme CA 93043-4303

Tele: (805) 982-3713

DSN: 551-3713

Message Address: NAVCONSTRACEN

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