Lessons Learned

This section should cover everything about the project that has not been covered in the previous sections. It is intended to provide guidance for future UCT projects and should be prepared in considerable detail and with great care. Specific items discussed should include but not be limited to:

• Daily notes. What was accomplished during the day including problems encountered and solutions.

• Ideas for improvements.

• Any and all items of interest to the Team, customer, Naval Construction Training Center (NCTC), etc. These will be edited out and routed to appropriate command at the Officer-in-Charge (OIC)/Assistant Of-ficer-in-Charge (AOIC) level.

• Include all items regardless of how minor they may seem, for example:

- Manifolds to be repaired (or were repaired)

- Training that would have been nice to have

- Tools that would have been nice to have

- Problems with gear/equipment

- Important command coordination at the project site

- Special logistic considerations

- Special personnel problems/considerations

- Environmental problems encountered (i.e., strong currents, high waves, etc.)

In addition to the completion report, it is standard procedure to conduct a debriefing with local Public Works or OICC personnel before demobilizing. It is important that local personnel be well aware of the nature of the work performed by the UCT on their facilities. Slides, photographs, and video tapes are often helpful in illustrating the work. All questions raised by local personnel should be resolved at this time.


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