Survey Charts And Maps

Ordering information (also see Appendix E)

Ways to order charts

AUTODIN messages

SF 344s


GETAMAP, PC electronic ordering software or available from DMA

ASGS Maps (For area of interest - East of Mississippi) -

U.S. Geological Survey

Earth Science Information Center

507 National Center

Reston, VA 22092

Phone: (303) 236-7477

(For area of interest - West of Mississippi)

U.S. Geological Survey Map Sales Box 25286 Denver, CO 90225

DMA Products (For DOD agencies and their contractors) -


DMA Combat Support Center Attn: PMSR, Stop D-17 6001 Mac Arthur Boulevard Bethesda, MD 20816-5001 Phone: (301) 227-2495; (800) 826-0342; or DSN: 287-2495 DSN Fax: 287-2498

NOAA Products

Distribution Branch, NCG33 National Ocean Service, NOAA Riverdale, MD 20737 Phone: (303) 436-6990 Fax: (301) 436-6829

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